The owner of ANL is Amelia Lukmanto. ANL has collaboration with BODG spatial advice (specialist in Dutch zoning rules; and various landscape, architecture and engineers companies. Depending on type, scope and scale of the project, ANL operates crossover in various disciplines.

BODG Spatial Advies
BODG spatial advice was established by Jochem Bus (planner), Jeroen Oosterhof (lawyer) and Hugo de Groot (environmental planner). They have worked intensively for several years for the Municipality of Rotterdam. In mid-2008 Jochem Bus joined forces in a joint venture with Jeroen Oosterhof and Hugo de Groot.

About ANL
Amelia Lukmanto

Amelia studied architecture in Jakarta/Indonesia and finished her studies in Urban Design at TU Delft/The Netherlands. In 2014, she achieved `Water Governance and Spatial Planning’ course, as part of ‘Transnational Water Management’ (TWM), Master studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen. She has gained experience with renowned urban companies (Atelier 6, Jakarta/Indonesia, West 8, Rein Geurtsen & Partners, Rotterdam/The Netherlands) as well as municipality of Rotterdam (dS+V, City development) in The Netherlands.
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Projects she has completed vary in scale, from block to district or regional level. Water is her passion and water relate projects are her speciality. They are: water housing, development areas on islands, city developments around/along/on the sea line (sea defenses), maintenance/treansformation of city canals and how to integrate them into the urban structure, strategic and sustainable solutions for flooded areas (not only from the technical side but also spatially, integrate into the urban structure).

She is eager to do project from her home country (Indonesia), especially Jakarta which is her ‘hometown’. Creating a sustainable spatial solution and implementing the principal ‘cradle to cradle’ into design and every approachment. Integrating the natural sources, such as: sun, wind, rain water, etc. into design where re-use in general is part of this principle also.


Sybren Ydema,
Branch manager MWH Amsterdam

Erik Eijsbouts,
Architect Partner BDG Architects Engineers Almere

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About ANL