The owner of ANL is Amelia Lukmanto. ANL has collaboration with BODG spatial advice (specialist in Dutch zoning rules; and various landscape, architecture and engineers companies. Depending on type, scope and scale of the project, ANL operates crossover in various disciplines.

BODG Spatial Advies
BODG spatial advice was established by Jochem Bus (planner), Jeroen Oosterhof (lawyer) and Hugo de Groot (environmental planner). They have worked intensively for several years for the Municipality of Rotterdam. In mid-2008 Jochem Bus joined forces in a joint venture with Jeroen Oosterhof and Hugo de Groot.

About ANL
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About ANL



For the future development of Electrorail area in the city centre of Utrecht, ANL created for us an urban support. These analysis are made with a view to the future housing, but considered the future of sanitation problems also because the area is heavily polluted. ANL created vary designs in a very professional manner. The design is made with consideration that sanitation cost in the future can be limited.
We worked very pleasant with ANL. The analysis were made by ANL within the planning and with the right quality. We experienced the cooperation very pleasant.

Sybren Ydema,
Branch manager
MWH Amsterdam

In 2009, I worked with Amelia Lukmanto in a workshop on a master plan for a thematic residential area called ‘Rumah Senang’ in Almere. Her contribution focused on the design of public space and specifically Indonesian characteristics. From her knowledge of Indonesian lifestyles and practices she brought a major contribution to the planning process. It was a constructive and pleasant cooperation.

Erik Eijsbouts,
Architect Partner
BDG Architects Engineers Almere